Ognomy has teamed up with top app developer Topcoder to build a telemedicine app with on-demand talent.


With the help of Sam Marrazzo, Chief Innovation Officer at Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus (BNMC), Dr. Rifkin’s vision for the Ognomy app began to take shape. He envisioned an enterprise-level, patient first, HIPAA compliant application, and in design meetings over two days, ideas became storyboards. From there, Sam took the storyboards to Topcoder to get them canvassed out in design. This was Dr. Rifkin’s first experience using crowdsourced design and Topcoder’s platform. He was impressed, saying, “It really went very smoothly and quickly, I loved the process.”

Just to see what we’ve accomplished in a month and half (with Topcoder) compared to three months of almost nothing… The impact is having an app vs. not having an app.

Dr. Daniel Rifkin


An early version of the Ognomy telemedicine application was just launched. We’re extremely proud to have been able to help Dr. Rifkin and his practice bring this innovation to market as rapidly as they did. As the world comes to terms with the COVID-19 crisis, there’s an opportunity to meet new challenges with new ways of doing things. The Ognomy telemedicine app is a wonderful example of this.

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