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An All-In-One App

Once you download the Ognomy app, you can schedule a consultation with a leading sleep medicine expert. You can track your progress, conduct a home sleep study, receive a diagnosis, start your treatment, and be guided by a board certified sleep specialist along the way.

Sleep Medicine Experts

Our board certified sleep medicine specialists have 40 years of experience in treating sleep apnea and many other sleep disorders. Googling the problem might get you some information, but if you want to make progress, trust the experts.

Home Sleep Test Shipped to You

Going to a sleep center is alright for some, but for most it’s very uncomfortable. It makes more sense to be tested in your normal sleeping environment. We will send you the equipment and provide the instructions for a convenient home sleep test that will give you the most accurate reading.

Tailored Treatment

Based on your diagnosis we’ll set up a treatment plan. The gold standard in sleep apnea treatment is continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy; however, other effective treatments exist. Once your test results are complete, your sleep specialist will walk you through the best treatment options available to you.

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Meet Our Providers

At Ognomy we endeavour to give the best possible patient care and experiences. We have a team of dedicated health professionals who are medically trained and board certified. In fact, some patients report that the care is far superior to brick and mortar sleep medicine practices.

New York

Dr. Daniel Rifkin

Daniel Rifkin, MD, MPH

Founder & CEO

I am the Founder and Medical Director of the Sleep Medicine Centers of Western New…

Keryn Gauch, RPA-C, MS

I have been in clinical practice as a physician assistant since 2004, when I began…

Christina Norris, RPA-C, MS

I am a Physician Assistant whose primary focus has been the diagnosis and treatment of…

Tara Murphy, FNP-BC

I am a family nurse practitioner at the Sleep Centers of WNY. I work closely…

Marc Schlegel, RPA-C, MPAS

I am a board certified Physician Assistant working in collaboration with Dr. Rifkin since 2004.…

Michele LeVine

Michele LeVine, ANP-BC

I am a bio-experienced nurse practitioner with a demonstrated history of working in the medical…

New York and Georgia

Folu Akinnusi, MD

I am a Sleep Medicine specialist with extensive medical training and experience. Upon completion of…

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